Make Your Moment as a Soleus Running Ambassador

Do you love Soleus? Are you or someone you know passionate about running and sharing your running story with the world? Perfect! We can’t wait to get started showcasing you and your running journey.

Soleus Running is looking for brand ambassadors who embody the fun, silly, and lighthearted energy of our company! We want to showcase runners from amateurs to professionals and join forces together to remind people that running is for everyone and it doesn’t have to be so serious!

c-o-r-e-b-u-i-l-d               (Photo Credit left to right 1. 2. 3. 4. )

What are we looking for in a brand ambassador you might ask?

We are looking for those who have a passion for running but may also dabble in other activities such as yoga, biking, pilates, etc. Our ambassadors are fun and outgoing just like their social media accounts! Quality pictures and posts are frequent and have great engagement! We want you to wear our brand proudly and represent our brand in an appropriate manner.

Check out a few of our current Soleus Running Ambassadors:

Adriano Bastos
Karen Ramming
Leonardo Cesar
Lily Partridge
Dusty Dark

Please email our marketing team the following information:

Subject: I would like to be an ambassador!
1. Short description of why you think you would make a great Soleus Running ambassador.
2. Provide links to your social media accounts/blog

We look forward to hearing from you!