Navigate Your Way To a New PB: Soleus GPS Pulse Review

We’re excited to see our GPS Pulse has a great review in Men’s Health UK !

“Good fitness adventures require a proper wrist assessment, and GPS watches let you track your training and plot a path to a new PB. Sorry old-schoolers, the days of lacing up tired trainers and running through the wild until you drop are gone. Today, unles your kit is feeding back every iota of available info, you’re losing valuable ground on your parkrun rivals. That means investing in a proper support team – preferably one you can carry on your wrist.

But what sets a GPS watch apart from your ten-a-penny tracker? Well, using satellites, they chart exactly how far and fast you’re running, biking,or swimming, wherever you are in the world. That’s a lot of tech for one wrist, and precisely the type of statistical boon that can elevate your cardio endeavours to new heights. We chased down Ben Hobson, Runner’s World digital editor, and asked him to map out the GPS watches capable of keeping pace with your aspirations. Time to recalibrate your endurance.

Photo by: Men’s Health UK

Soleus Pulse, £170

As well as standard training features, its GPS allows you to record workouts with a new level of accuracy. Just as there are athletes whose success is founded on doing the basics well, the same is true of Soleus. Much like when wearing a GPS watch, it’s worth going off the beaten track and investigating the lesser-known. This entry-level watch provides all you need to maximise your long-distance workouts without exhausting your bank account.

Value: 9/10
Tech: 7/10
Style: 6/10
UX: 8/10
Apps: 7/10″

You can read more from Men’s Health UK: Navigate Your Way To a New PB  here.

**We are no longer continuing with this model but instead have replaced it with the GPS Pulse BLE with the same features as the GPS Pulse as well as a few new added features such as Bluetooth technology!**