Tips and Tricks

Hello there! My name is Johnny Crain, I am a professional distance runner for ZAP-Fitness/Reebok. My goal today is to help give you guys some tips and advice on preparing for a race! I wanted to talk a little bit about the mental side of preparing for a race. The physical side of running I […]

Becoming a Runner

When does one become a runner? Is it the moment we finish our first race, or the first time we lace up the shoes and head out the door for a run? I have been running and training competitively for nine years now. During my time as a collegiate athlete I won conference titles, earned […]

Different Distance Devices

Different types of runs warrant different types of equipment. For long or harder workouts I may wear a slightly more cushioned shoe and for shorter runs I typically wear a very minimal shoe. I’ll often carry some fuel in a belt during long runs and I┬áhave two pairs of shorts specifically that I always find […]

Running Lingo 101

Hey there guys and gals. My name is Andrew Colley and I am your liaison in charge of keeping you hip and with the times when it comes to running terms you need to know. You already have your killer Soleus watches, so you have to match your style with some cool lingo. Get ready […]